Washington Redskins, Offensive?

A lot of people think this whole controversy over the name Washington Redskins is being blown out of proportion, that people are making a mountain out of a molehill, that it’s a tempest in a teacup, that it’s… well use whatever colorful metaphor you like, the idea is it’s no big deal, it’s not important, and everyone should shut up about it and get on with their lives.

Not surprisingly, most of the people saying this are white people. Here’s the thing: White people don’t get to say whether or not it’s a big deal. You know who does? Native Americans. White people don’t get to decide whether or not it’s offensive. You know who does? Native Americans.

If Native Americans say it is offensive, then it is offensive. If Native Americans say it is a big deal, then guess what? It’s a big deal. Period. End of story.

The truth is, unless you’ve ever actually been called “redskin”, or “nigger”, or “spic”, or “kike”, or “faggot”, you don’t know anything about it. Don’t for one second delude yourself into thinking that you do. You. Don’t. Know. And if that’s the case, get down on your hands and knees and thank your God you’ve never had to deal with that.

Web Sites Which Publish Fake News and Other Hoaxes


That “news” article you read on Facebook that has you all worked up? Guess what? It was total bullshit.

These sites make serious money publishing bullshit. And by reading the bullshit, commenting on the bullshit, and re-posting the bullshit, you’re helping them make even more money. So they can publish even more bullshit.

It’s a vicious bullshit cycle. Please, break the loop. Stop feeding on the bullshit.