We Are At War

Okay, let’s be real clear about something here. WE ARE AT WAR. And it is important, now more than ever, that we understand WHO our ENEMY is.

Muslims are not our enemy. There are 1.6 billion (that’s “billion”, with a “b”) Muslims. That’s one fourth of the planet. Most of these Muslims are non-Arabs, living quiet, peaceful lives in and around Southeast Asia. Only 20% of Muslims on the planet live in the Middle East. These Muslims tend to live lives that are neither quiet nor peaceful, but most are too busy fighting, or at least positioning, amongst themselves to be concerned too much with the West.

Arabs are not our enemy. Of the 300 million or so Arab Muslims in the Middle East, there are maybe 200,000 members of ISIS at most, and maybe half as many members of Al Qaeda, and those are the high estimates. That’s maybe 300,000 terrorists with both the interest and the capability of attacking us. That’s about one tenth of one percent of all Arabs, and less than two one-hundredths of one percent of all Muslims.

If we killed all the Muslims, not only would that mean wiping out one fourth of the population of the entire planet (probably not a good idea in and of itself), but it means we would have to kill over 5,000 Muslims just to get one terrorist. That seems like an awful lot of extra work.

Islam is not our enemy. Yeah, I know, they call themselves “Islamic”. So what. Have you never met someone who calls himself a “Christian” who didn’t quite live up to the ideal? The IRA and the KKK were “Christian” organizations. Calling yourself something doesn’t make it so.

Take Christianity as an example. Based on the number of different denominations and sects, it seems there are a huge number of possible interpretations of scripture. And if you are so inclined, there are plenty of calls to violence if all you’re interested in is killing people who aren’t like you.

Islam is no different. One one-hundredth of one percent of Islam claims to follow a version that requires them to kill the infidels. The other 99.99% of Muslims mostly understand that killing is wrong, and are generally more concerned about maintaining their personal relationship with God than going to war with others.

Terrorists are our enemy. Terrorists. I don’t care what word you put in front of “terrorist”, it is the fact that they are terrorists, and nothing else, that makes them our enemy.

Terrorists kill, rape, and torture to inspire fear. Everything they do is designed to inspire fear. Fear and hatred. They WANT us to hate Muslims. They WANT us to hate Islam. Their goal is to bring about a World War, one that unites East against West, Muslims against Christians, Islam against Christianity. They think the Muslim world will unite behind them. They think they can win this World War, and rule over the entirety of whoever happens to survive.

In reality, the chances of anyone actually uniting the Muslim world are remote, but it is literally impossible unless they can unite the Western world against the Muslim world. Conversely, they know their days are numbered if we ever got smart enough to unite, Christian and Muslim together, to stand against the terrorists.

They want us divided. They need us divided. Their whole plan is to have us at war with each other. That is WHY they want us to hate Muslims. That is WHY the want us to hate Islam. It’s all part of their plan.

Let me say this again, it’s important. They want us to hate all Muslims. They want us to hate all of Islam. Everything they do is designed to bring that about.

Know your enemy.

And please, for the love of God. STOP giving the terrorists what they want.