San Bernardino, by the numbers

NY Times coverage on San Bernardino included the following two facts:

Since 9/11…
Number of Americans killed by Muslim Extremists: 45
Number of Americans killed by non-Muslim Extremists: 48

Let’s play a little game — let’s see if we can identify the common denominator in these two statements, shall we?

Is it “Muslim”? bzzzt! No. Try again.
Is it “Extremists”? ding, ding, ding. YES! It’s Extremists!

It is EXTREMISTS who are killing people. Extremists are the threat. Extremists are the danger. Muslim or otherwise.

We’ve done this math before, but just for review…

How many Muslims in the world? 1.6 Billion
How many of those are extremists that want to come here and kill us? Maybe 300,000 total, worst case, ISIS and Al-Qaeda combined.

That’s less than 2/100ths of 1 percent of all Muslims.

Yes, 300 thousand is a big number. But 1.6 billion is a much bigger number. That means there are 1 billion, 599 million, 700 thousand Muslims who really just aren’t that interested in killing us.

To be fair, you can’t expect Donald Trump to know this — the man bankrupted four casinos — clearly he’s not very good with numbers.